BR Wishlist

Helps children create
the perfect wishlist for Christmas

BR wish list is developed for iOS and Android devices, both tablets and phones are included. The app is a virtual universe where BR’s products are grouped together into a line of islands, which users can browse through in a playful universe. 

The children can add toys to their wish list and later decorate and pick out what they want the most. The decorated wish lists can be printed and later sent to their parents or grandparents, with email, so that the wish list can be placed on the bulletin board or put up on the fridge. 


BR Wishlist

Funktions in the BR Wishlist app

A line of other functions are also included additionally to the primary function for adding toys to the wish list. This include:

  • Login and synchronisation with BR’s backend of wish lists and Club BR
  • Funny videos which can be played directly in the app
  • Toy in the BR store can be scanned with the app
  • A variety of funny easter eggs have been hidden 
  • use the camera to add wishes to the wish list
  • Collect gold coins from in store purchases

BR’s Wishlist is part of BR’s app portfolio and BR’s primary
app that is target for children.


BR wishlist app is a tablet first app

The BR Wishlist app is design for tablet use first - primarily for iPad, since it’s clearly the most popular used tablet. But the app also includes a web-version for iPhone and Android. The app has existed for many years and has been redesigned a number of times. Touchlogic has been responsible for the newest implementations of UI/UX and other changes along the way.

BR Wishlist
BR Wishlist
BR Wishlist

Download BR Wishlist app on Google Play and Apple App store